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About Steve Stairs

Steve Stairs is the developer and on-site coordinator of the building team at Rainsford Gardens. We could sing Steve’s praises to no end (we won’t but please allow us to say just a few words).

Steve is an honest, hard working man with a clear vision. He has a ‘make it happen’ attitude. He’s designed Rainsford Gardens with insight from a lifetime of real world experience as an electrician, businessman and developer. Professionally, Steve has owned and operated Stairs Electric since 1986. He also designed and constructed Sunshine Terrace, a 42 unit apartment complex at the base of Hanwell Road, in 1999.

Steve also builds relationships.

One of our Rainsford Gardens homeowners routinely gives Steve a hug when she sees him. Another bakes him cookies and brings them to the office. With homeowners and neighbours like this it’s little wonder that Steve and his wife Debbie are planning to build their own home in Rainsford Gardens.

If your curious about the different adult-living options at Rainsford Gardens give us call at (506) 454- 3363.

PS - You don’t have to bake Steve cookies when you live in Rainsford Gardens but keep those oven mitts nearby, you might just feel inspired.

Rainsford Lane Prestige Properties Ltd    Phone: 506.454.3363    Email: rfgarden@nb.aibn.com