Garden Home Condo Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’ve never lived in a home with a shared wall (duplex/ garden home). I’m concerned that I’ll be able to hear my neighbours. What details can you provide regarding soundproofing? Also, can you tell me how the shared wall has been made fireproof?
A: The fire walls are two separate walls made from 2x4s divided by a 1-2” air space. Inside this air space is a 3/4” soundboard. Insulation is then blown into both walls. Finally two layers of 5/8” fire-rated gyprock is placed on the inside wall of the garden home. This gyprock wall extends all the way up to the roof. Our existing garden home owners have told us that noise through shared walls is not an issue.

Q: Home heating costs continue to be an issue for most people. How energy efficient are the garden homes?
A: The garden homes are all R2000 equivalent.

Q: I’d like to know more about the insulation, what can you tell me?
A: We use cellulose insulation in the 6” thick walls. It is blown into the wall space. Ceilings are R50 rated.

Q: You’ve mentioned that the fire-rated gyprock on the shared wall is 5/8” thick, what about the rest of the home?
A: All other walls use ½” thick gyprock.

Q: I understand that there is a maintenance fee that covers certain services. I like to know all my costs up front, what is the maintenance fee and what do I get for it?
A: There is a monthly fee of $100 (plus HST) that covers the cost of lawn maintenance and snow removal from driveways.

Q: How is the cost of this monthly fee determined and will it change?
A: At the end of each year the cost of these services is calculated and divided up among Rainsford Garden home owners. This is how the rate is set for the following year. The fee will change over time to reflect the actual cost of the services provided.

Q: Does my new garden home come with any sort of warranty?
A: Yes, every new home has a one year warranty on all parts and labour. Structurally we include a 7 year warranty with every new home.

Q: Are the garden homes furnished with appliances?
A: No, that is the responsibility of each individual owner.

Q: You have an advertised purchase price for a garden home, do we have to pay tax on top of that price?
A: No, just your annual property tax like all other home owners.

Q: Some developments do not allow pets, what’s your policy?
A: Dogs and cats are welcome but we ask that home owners do not keep any dog larger than 20 pounds. Dogs must be kept on a leash when outside and pet owners are asked to clean up after their pets. We are trying to achieve balance at Rainsford Gardens, for home and pet owners.

Q: Clotheslines are earth friendly but some developments ban them, what’s your policy?
A: A professionally installed clothesline is an option available to home owners.

Q: Windows vary widely in terms of quality and design, what will we see in our garden home?
A: Rainsford Gardens uses single-hung casement windows by either Kohler or Global.

Q: Even in a water rich country like Canada, conservation matters. What water saving measures have been taken at Rainsford Gardens?
A: All flushes, taps and showers are water efficient units.

Q: Is there any bus service in the Rainsford Gardens area?
A: Not at the moment but it could become a reality as the neighbourhood becomes more developed.

Q: If I have a motorhome or a boat, is there anywhere to park it other than my driveway? If yes, is there any extra charge?
A: Yes, we do have an area where you can park your RV/boat/trailer. Currently there is no charge but that may change as we develop a secure area for long term parking. This secure compound will subject users to a nominal charge that will help cover the cost of security, maintenance and taxes.

Q: When do you foresee a secured area for RV/Boat/trailer parking being developed?
A: It is planned to coincide with the building of the second condo unit. By secured we mean that access will be limited to Rainsford Gardens home owners. The area will be fenced off and will be monitored by our security staff.