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Executive Home

If you like the Rainsford Gardens concept but still need a freestanding home, then you’re in luck. There are a limited number of lots within the development that have been reserved for executive homes. These homes are luxurious and in keeping with the Rainsford Gardens aesthetic. You can design your own or choose something to suit your needs.

Executive Home:

  • Energy efficient design
  • Living space: Average 1800 sq. ft. and larger - plus 2 or 3 car garage (excluding basement)
  • Tailored floor plan
  • Base price: Average $455 000 to $550 000


For more information:

Contact Steve Stairs
Phone: 506-454-3363
E-mail: rfgarden@nb.aibn.com

Rainsford Lane Prestige Properties Ltd    Phone: 506.454.3363    Email: rfgarden@nb.aibn.com